Some Great Musical Acts for the Stage in May

If you’re in the mood for a stage show that brings a bit of music, then the city of Austin has a couple of treats for you during the last few weeks of May. Bring a like-minded date along and turn it into a truly memorable experience.

The Wizard of Oz - Dell Hall - May 28th

Through the magical talents of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the legendary Wizard of Oz comes to life on the stage, complete with all the familiar songs you remember from the movie as well as a couple you may have never heard before. For lovers of the original, this is a great opportunity to experience a new incarnation.

The Midtown Men - Dell Hall - May 23rd

This new musical performance features the stars of the hit musical, The Jersey Boys as they take on the 1960s and all the music that it had to offer. Hear new renditions of songs from such classic bands as The Beach Boys, The Beatles and more as you make you way through an era filled with amazing music.


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